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inMenu is one of the leading restaurant management software provider and restaurant app development company that giving customized food ordering solutions to local restaurants in US. The victory of restaurant business lays in bringing the faithful services to its customers along with satisfying them with tasty dishes. The inMenu lets its clients from restaurant business niche to focus on core food preparation and serving activities and strengthen the rests through its flawless suite of a range of restaurant apps.

The inMenu has delivered outstanding mobile app solutions for various segments of Hospitality Industry. Our restaurant apps gives you ease with your every order. We make taste preparation tasks easier for Restaurant Managers, Restaurant Delivery Staff and Marketers by implementing all possible functionalities.

Restaurant App Development

Services we provide

Restaurant Finding Application

If you haven't your own restaurant then you might be looking for a restaurant finding application development. This kind of application make user's work easier in finding nearby restaurant. You can also have reviews of various restaurants which gives more benefit to users.

Restaurant Deals & Discount Application

Who don't like discounts? We always look for deals which benefit us in every field then why not in restaurant. We also provide deals and discounts features in restaurant finding apps. Thus, people can get one favorite within their budget n taste.

Advance Table Booking

Families love to go out and dinner together to enjoy their weekend. Sometimes, they don't get table at their favorite restaurant when they arrive. Particularly, some people like to seat at particular place and have their tasty dinner. Hence, we also provide advance table booking feature in their restaurant app.

Food Order & Deliver Application

Younger people who live alone or people who don't like to go outside for their breakfast, lunch or dinner, they like to order food from their particular favorite restaurant. They also like to have home delivery of their food. We also provide food order and home delivery for this kind of people.

Restaurant App

Development Features

Quick search option

When user is searching something on web, he or she particularly want information about that one term. At this time, user would not like to navigate all menu appearing on your website or application. They would love to use quick search option.

Secure payment option

Most of the successful businesses are providing online services today which is hiking their revenue compared to their offline services revenue. Hence, they are more likely to provide online payment options for their online services. As your customer is paying online, they are trusting you. In this way, your online payment option should be secure. You would not like to have any fraud with them. Hence, our secure payment option features gives you ease there.

Excellent UX/UI experience

Who don't like to see appealing visual? Of course I do and you, too. Any user visiting your website or application first time, they should get engaged with your website. Professional designers at inMenu are capable to make unique, creative yet simple and neat design for you which engage the user.

Food pickup Services

At inmenu, developers are skilled and experienced who can make you an app ton fulfill your objectives and getting higher revenue. Hence, your restaurant finding application will also have feature of food pickup service.

Home delivery Options

We are here to make your life easy and that's why we make it easier with providing inbuilt home delivery feature in your restaurant app.

Marketing Services

Marketing is a basic success feature of any business. We provide social networks inbuilt link in your app to share every information regarding your restaurant business. Hence, your app gets more popularity and it can benefit you achieving your goal to increase revenue of your restaurant business.

Why choose us as your Restaurant App

Development and designing company?

At inMenu, we don't provide only restaurant app development but we've also other customized solutions
for your food order and payment requirements locally

Hostess Solution

The hostess welcomes the guest, and in seconds is able to check him in and can provide notification via Mobile Phone. Then, inMenu will do the rest. Provide updates as to the table availability and direct the guest to the table with a virtual map.

All this waiting could have also been completed before reaching the hostess stand. We also provide the ability of this service online or through an automated kiosk at the front of the restaurant.

Electronic Menu Board

With table menus nearly out of fashion, many restaurants, especially QSR are turning towards Restaurants Electronic Menu Boards. They are convenient, trendy, colorful, and eye-catchy. It gives an entire look into the scrumptious food that a restaurant has to offer. Whether you have a lengthy menu with numerous multi-cuisine options or small quick-bites, Electronic Menu board are the new thing.


Restaurant Kiosks are the new electronic order system that allows customers to order food through touchscreen. It may sound absurd put Kiosks are the zip-zap-zoom online ordering system, where the customers can pre-order or order their food. It can be done through their smartphones or the in-house kiosk system at restaurant.

Digital Menus

How about supplying easy to read digital versions of your menus? How about if your able to update at a moment's notice and how about if your able to highlight and push your desired product just for a specified time?

Digital Menus are no longer the future. They're here, they'll last, their editable, and they're easy to use.

Interactive Electronic Menus

Interactive Electronic Menus are the next trendsetter in restaurant business. They help you to enhance your restaurant and increase sales. Interactive Electronic Menus are the most comfortable style in which you can serve your customer. By applying Interactive Electronic Menus for your restaurant, you can experience a smooth flow in your business.


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