Website Design



Being in the food industry these days is no more limited to just making a dish and serving it. With the growing craze for food, people nowadays don’t take their food matters lightly. They wish every penny to be spent on their food to be worth of. Starting from taste, presentation, ambience and service, everything must be A1. Since internet of things has given people a privilege to make decisions quickly, it gives restaurant owners an opportunity to leave an everlasting first impression on viewers. And what better way than a website can work for this.

We understand that designing a website for restaurant takes a lot of factors into consideration. It is not just merely a combination of a well-designed layout and vibrant colors but a lot more. Your website will be the first stop for viewers to decide if they want to visit you or not. This is why we give special attention to designing aspects such as:


Although a restaurant has its menu already designed, but as web designers we take responsibility to make that menu available online in the most creative and user friendly manner. Simply adding PDFs of your menu is an old idea these days. We can incorporate dynamic pictures and may be exotic food videos that tantalize the foodies in just a look. You don’t want your customers to get lost in navigational gaps of the layout right? Well. We take care of that. We deliver a sleek menu designed to enhance the user experience helping them make decisions quickly in your favor.


Once a user has made its mind to visit, wouldn’t it be great to have an option for online reservations? We are capable of integrating easy to use functionalities in the website to make online reservations. It will help the restaurant owners to be ready as per reservations and the customers to save time from that waiting list.


For any business, customers are the main focus. Building a friendly relation with your foodie customers will help you get popular among their friends too. Our designers are skilled to add in several features and functionalities that can help you stay in touch with your customers, send them birthday or anniversary wishes, inviting them for special events, building trust and showing them that they matter for you.

These are few illustrations for what we are capable of. Our designers and innovators are big bags of all the creative and effective ideas for making your website stand apart from rest in the industry. inMenu think out of the box and our ideas are just not limited to layouts and colors. We know what’s new in the industry. We know what works in terms of features, design and functionalities in your particular industry and we cater the ultimate design as per those perspectives. Your ideas equally important as ours. Our team brainstorms ideas with you to bring out something that meets your expectations.


There are some basic necessities what your customer want when he or she visit your website are your phone number, address, your menu, some high quality pictures of your restaurant food and dining area.

Besides basic information you can also add extra useful content to your website for your user.