Online Ordering System


InMenu offers restaurants their own online ordering system. When it comes to food, everyone needs to be assured that they are putting their money in the right place. We design and develop a flexible and easy user base website, where the restaurant owners can pull in crowd by offering online ordering system.

Facilities such as open payment system, data infuser, POS integration, attractive menus, and reporting make the entire process handy, accurate, and comfortable. We can even set up email, sms, and coupon program, which can help in boosting the clientele. We’ve made online ordering very simple. Hungry customer can go through your menu dishes and add to his or her wish. Thus, they can order simply.

Some of the features that inMenu offers are:

Customized Design

Look good, feel good, do good. Everyone has their own ideas as how their website should look. We cater to your dreams and turn them into reality by providing you a customized option, where you match background, colors, and themes to that of your store and outlets.

Menu Options

Every restaurant has pre-designed menus. But we offer them an option to design and create as many menus as they want. Unlimited options to design and write menus as per any special occasion or celebration.

Pinpoint Areas

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to online ordering is to decide the areas. Of course, you would not want to deliver food, which is 50km away. With our unique facility of deciding areas, you can pinpoint selected areas on the map – making it easy for you as well as customers to choose and place order.

Payment System

Money runs the entire world. With our updated payment system, you can choose to integrated payment straight into your bank accounts. Or you can even try to put in third party apps like Paypal, PayU, etc., to help your customer grow.

Ordering Online

Get a flawless and unstoppable ordering system. We use the best of the codes and system to make online ordering easy, fun, and reliable. You can receive the online orders through email, fax, sms, tweets, or on website. We can use all the latest trends and gadgets so that you receive more and more orders.

Apart from the above stated facilities, we try and provide you with many other backend options, such as:

Online Panel

You can change and view what goes on your website, using the online panel. You can even have a record of accomplishment of your website to know how hit it is among masses.

Auto – print

We design an easy to print system, which can be catered to mobile or computer easily. You can now take print out of the orders, without worrying about remembering to print it. This facility prints the order as soon as you receive it. Quite easy!

Text Alert

With getting the development done from us, you can receive mobile alerts also at the reasonable cost. It is unlimited and will be sent to you as soon as you receive a new order.

All this and much more can be provided to you. Register with us today to have a beautiful website built.

Order Reports of Clients

In inMenu software we also provide you order report of client. Reports will give you insights of your customer’s requirements. Thus, you can highlight your highly ordered dishes to grab more customers to your restaurants.