Mobile Website Design


There is no doubt to the fact that today’s digital era revolves more around smartphone and tablets more than PC and laptops. Different operating systems with their diverse functionalities have attracted marketing industry to utilize this platform to advertise their products and services. As far as food industry is concerned, the story goes same way. Restaurant owners can give their customers a wide range of options. They can give easy navigation and expand their horizons by offering the foodies a handy restaurant mobile website design.

Your restaurant mobile website design can quickly convert the hungry foodies into your regular customers. It is the perfect opportunity for you to build a customer base within a short period of time. The trends in creating restaurant mobile website design are evolving. People in the industry are going far from the outmoded marketing limits. They are exploring new innovative ideas to entice their customers.

We design a user friendly restaurant mobile website design that offers hands-on navigational menu and exciting features for customers to get in touch with you in a matter of seconds. We build your restaurant mobile website with following features but not limited to:

Highly Responsive

With a vast variety of smartphones built on various OS, your audience also gets divided on the basis of the platform they are using. We eliminate these barriers by making the restaurant mobile website design compatible with all the major operating systems be it Android, iOS, Bada, Blackberry, etc.

Easy Call-to-Actions

It is very important for a restaurant mobile website design to have easy to access all to actions. Like ordering food online, calling a restaurant for a query, email a feedback or making a reservations. If you have a well-designed restaurant mobile website design but fail to implement easy call to actions, it won’t help you convert your potential customers. Our designers make sure that these or any additional call to actions are incorporated in the design in a manner that aligns with the original design and also draws the viewer’s attention in just one glance.

Accurate Route Directions

The ultimate goal of building the website is to draw a website user to the restaurant. A lot of websites fail to mention the directions of the route to the location(s) of the restaurant. We help you making the route and directions easy to follow even by a person new to the city.

The above mentioned features are just few of what we have to offer. We house a pool of innovative and proactive designers who can suggest you far better concepts to make sure that your restaurant mobile website becomes more interactive and draws more attention of the users.

Diffused Background provides focus on primary information

Our web designers makes beautiful, attractive themes and backgrounds while building your mobile friendly website. Creative and engaging images will make your user familiar.

Our designers are able to make your information a primary focus of your website. To focused information navigation we can make image background blurred and diffused. This method gives more user engagement to your website because they get a primary information with focus.

Familiar User Interface

Neat and simple user interface will give familiarity to first time user on your website. As we know people can’t connect with hard things faster. If your website is simple to navigate and attractive, your visitor would love to engage more.

inMenu’s designer team is enough experienced and skilled that can generate you simple and innovative mobile friendly website.