Electronic Menu Board

Restaurant electronic menu board

Most of restaurant businesses today are having restaurant electronic menu board. This e- menu boards gives their customers ease to access all items easily. Like old templates and flyers of restaurant Menus it doesn’t look very old. Online boards gives catchy design look to your customer. With table menus nearly out of fashion, many restaurants, especially QSR are turning towards Restaurants Electronic Menu Boards. They are convenient, trendy, colorful, and eye-catchy. It gives an entire look into the scrumptious food that a restaurant has to offer. Whether you have a lengthy menu with numerous multi-cuisine options or small quick-bites, Electronic Menu board are the new thing.

We, at Inmenu.us offer an interactive and highly integrated system, which can beautify your electronic menu boards. Digital menu boards helps in boosting your clientele, enhances your brand, helps in promoting your business in peak hours, and provides a high selling opportunities. Some of the benefits of having Electronic Menu boards are:

  • It helps in increasing sales per customer by cross selling and up-selling.
  • You can influence and help in your customer’s decisions by highlighting every day’s special varieties.
  • You can easily navigate and change the price, range, or the name of the dishes as per seasons or theme.
  • There is also an option to fit videos to make the menus look alluring and irresistible.
  • It decreases the printing cost of table and hand menus.
  • Use visuals and photos that are apt and justifies the dishes, you serve
  • You can schedule menu change options as per the time of the day.

Draw, experiment, line up photos and videos, and much more with Inmenu.us’s interactive electronic menu boards.

How Inmenu.us is helpful in designing outstanding electronic menu boards:

Use Text And Images For Respective Categories

This helps in eye-catching customers as soon as they enter the restaurant. With this, they immediately decide which category they would like to try or experiment. The images can help them choose different dishes from same category or other categories.

Include Videos

Turn your electronic menu boards into a visual treat for your customers. How about including some yummy cheese melting on a Pizza or some chocolate melting and finding its way on pudding. It would instantly lure your customers to something they carve for.

Easy Updates

Traditional menu boards are not digital. Now also many restaurants are using traditional menu template but an electronic menu board is having good features than those. Restaurant manager or owner who want to update price or any menu item, he can update it easily. There is no need to make new template for that.

Smart Displays

Design your menu in form of categories, sub categories, and columns. You can then make changes in them by our integrated system that works well with any PC or ipad. There is also an option to choose to schedule the changes as many times as you like in a day. You can set the changes as per your customer timings, seasons, festivals, or any private celebrations.

Color Scheme

We provide you various color schemes and combinations that help you in setting the electronic menu boards as per your restaurant’s theme and color. You can also opt for multi-schemes that can change on its own or as you want to change them.

While these are some of the highlights and features that we offer, we have more in store for you. If you have any queries, you can shoot us an email at info@inmenu.us.We would love to hear you and solve your questions.