Event Reservation System

Online event reservation system

Events are a glamorous. From first date to anniversaries or in birthday party for friends, events take place everywhere. Sometimes event doesn’t seems easy to prepare and host quickly. Here we come to help you with our event reservation system. They are a new way to sat upbeat, in trend, and make your brand name remembered. Great event calls for great organization and a charming place. Without excellent interiors and flamboyant setup, any event will collapse.

To help you achieve all the exuberance, stylishness, and fame, we bring you an easy PHP system, which will take care of your event booking system. With the easy and flawless UI, you and your client’s can visit all the details at ease. Having a simple and classy module will help your client’s to check all the necessary details such as payment, booking, space, availability, and others in one click.

Features of Event Registering System:

Creating schedule

With event registering system, you can create as many schedules as you want. You can modify and order in range of priority. Visitors on your website can check and buy up the schedule, as they prefer. Whereas, you get a full backend control, where you can cancel, add, delete, or change the details without worrying about the frontend layout.

Pricing the event

You can add the exact price or the price range based on the events that are booked or the events you want to have at your restaurant. It will build an impression and awareness within the clients as when and how can they book their events. When your client shares it among social groups then you get more exposure and popularity.

Categorizing the event

Another feature is that, you can categorize the event in different categories and sub-categories. It will be an added bonus for your client’s as they can narrow down their booking to specified events. And you on the other hand, would not have to prepare your staff for every event. You can choose to specialize your place for specific events in your restaurants.

Payment system

A quite complex procedure, the event registration system can allow you to add the prices along with your scheduled events you have. Or you can choose to have the payment module set in different space all-together. We’ve made much secured payment system which can help your customers without affecting any online fraud transaction.


The system comes with various layouts that can be used in frontend. You can also customize these layout further. Hence, having all the control over it. You can theme it according to your events specialization or festivals. Various themes according festivals and event theme will grab more customers for your business.

Language setup

We bring you numerous language options, which can be set on default or can be changed as per the country. You can control which client can view the demo and other details in which language, creating a flexible place for them to understand the terms & conditions.

Editing the Form

We, though the system comes with an automatic form, you can always edit it as per your wish. You can choose to add or delete the fields as you like.

Our system is compatible with all devices and can be tail ored for you after knowing your wishes. Therefore, if you book or order the event registration process and the restaurant building websites, you can zero down your worry for it. These systems will make your website and restaurant look chic and in style. By providing event services, you can create quite a niche for yourself in your locality. Contact us to know in-depth about it.