Interactive Electronic Menus

Restaurant interactive electronic menus

Interactive Electronic Menus are the next trendsetter in restaurant business. They help you to enhance your restaurant features and increase sales. Interactive Electronic Menus are the most comfortable style in which you can serve your customer. By applying Interactive Electronic Menus for your restaurant, you can experience a smooth flow in your business. This smooth flow of business will provide easier way to interact with your customer. Thus, you’ll have a visible ROI(Return Of Investment) in your restaurant business.

So what exactly is an Interactive Electronic Menu?

It is a system, which is integrated with iPad, iPhone, or PC that can be monitored by customer and the admins. This helps you in cumulating all categories of food you offer and sub-categories of the same in a clean and organized way.

We at, ensure that by having this interactive electronic menu, your business shoots up to maximum and you can benefit from its various features as stated below:

The benefits of having Interactive Electronic Menus:

You can comprise your menu yet make it fit in a style that is loved by all

You can easily change, add, or delete dishes from your menu without worrying about the layout, as it remains the same.

There is also an option to choose from the pre-set themes or customizations to set up your menu. Or you can seek help in creating entirely new one.

The layouts come preset bullets/forms that can help you synchronize and adjust your offerings.

It increases your customer base as they can quickly order and leave a feedback as soon as they receive their order.

Once done, they simply have to click on ‘place order.’

How it works for the customer:

A customer can view all the categories in one single frame.

Next, they have to choose the category, they are interested in. Followed by the items they want to pick and simply add them in their order list.

To choose from other categories, they have to navigate back to the main menu and repeat the above procedure.

Once done, they simply have to click on ‘place order.’

They will redirected to payment gateway where they can choose their favorite payment option such as cash, card, or any other third party option to pay off their bill.

They will be notified the time it will take for the waiter to serve their order and/or delivered to them.

This system comes with quick sharing options on all leading social media sites, which boosts up your brand name as and when the customers click on it.

How it works for the Admins/Owners:

It comes with an easy admin dashboard, which works like any other social media account. You do not need to have technical knowledge for it.

Enter your business information and other details under the ‘business information’ tab.

Similarly, add the food categories, sub-types, their names, ingredients used, calorie counts, specialty of chef, and other details in the food tab.

You can also add any legal information such as taxes included, excluded or any other important stuff, you want your customers to know.

You can use Promotion code or coupons options in this layout as and when you require. Whether you want to offer special discount in any festivals or seasons.

Admins can also add option of entering username and pin when a customer is ordering food to avoid double orders or fake orders. There are numerous security options, which you can include in your final menu.

Add in option of online delivery or take away if your restaurant offers that.

Add your account information or integrate third party payment options easily and without any hassle. We provide complete security for it.

Interactive Electronic Menu is a very productive way of spreading your brand name and spreading business.