Hospitality POS System

Hostess Solution

inMenu makes the entire table management process easy and efficient from start to finish. Hospitality POS system gives you solutions to host your guest very well. Let me give you an example of how inMenu does the thinking for you, arranging table management and ultimately freeing your staff to focus on serving the guests.

It‘s Friday night and your restaurant is bustling. A guest walks in, approaches the hostess stand and requests a table for four by the window with a high chair for his young child. inMenu sets the wheels in motion. The hostess welcomes the guest, and in seconds is able to check him in and can provide notification via Mobile Phone. Then, inMenu will do the rest. Provide updates as to the table availability and direct the guest to the table with a virtual map.

All this waiting could have also been completed before reaching the hostess stand. We also provide the ability of this service online or through an automated kiosk at the front of the restaurant.

With this, online services we reduce the waiting time for your customer. It is much easy process when your customer have to not wait and can easily book online table and give their order on fingertips. Your staff will get more time to serve your guest better then. There are many features available in our online hostess solutions for restaurants. It gives you and your restaurant managers effortless work environment. With this online system, our clients are getting more time to serve their customers easily and increasing their business revenue.