Digital Menu Boards

What happens when the price of your supply goes up? How long will it take you to reprint your menus and at what cost?

How about if your able to update at a moment’s notice and if your able to highlight and push your desired product just for a specified time?

Digital Menus are no longer the future. They’re here, they’ll last, their editable, and they’re easy to use. With benefits of changing the price you can also choose your own template here.

From breakfast to lunch, you can also change Digital Menu boards easily without swapping menu boards. You can schedule your boards according time and it will show to your customers. Thus, when you move to breakfast to lunch or lunch to dinner you’ll have fixed it before. There is no need to change your menu again and again. You can also set templates of your digital menu according festival and offers.

Text, fonts, images and videos all things can customized in order to fulfill your requirements. We are here to enrich your restaurant’s e-system with easy and affordable solution. Thousands of restaurants are already having benefit of this e-system. Feel free to reach to us to know about this product and how can we implement it in your system. Contact us at to know more.

Benefit of electronic menus you’ll have:

• Highlight your best dishes on the main page and get more margin

• It improves your brand image with high definition graphics on Digital Menu

• Customers don’t need to wait because of digitally accessed menus

• It saves your print cost for more menus

• Higher flexibility because of scheduling for breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.