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inMenu offers complete IT services to the restaurant industry. Our purpose is to simplify the process of business owners and help them in their business grow. We have a dedicated teams at inMenu who provide you designing, development and marketing support. We’ve been crafting beautiful websites, launching stunning brands and making clients happy for years.

About Inmenu Restaurant POS Software

The key that separates us is having each installation specifically designed as per the need and desire of the Restauranteur. We have made this application for mass production that provide all features to restaurants. Dealing with us will provide you professional team support for your restaurant solutions.

We offer complete range of hospitality service in this software. Our software products will meet your customer’s requirements for sure. Our designing and development team is updated with recent standard technology.

inMenu is working with the latest technology by continuously identifying the latest technology trends which gives our clients distinct advantages over their competitors. inMenu has maximum resources in research and development that helps our team to constantly develop innovative inMenu products.

inMenu restaurant management software and services help you to measurably improve your functions. We’ve developed many features in system like hostess solution, electronic menu board, kiosk, digital menus, interactive electronic menus etc. Our restaurant clients get the best value for their bucks and with our IT services they get the best of what technology has to offer in the industry.

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Cleanest design & Clear Message

  • – Visually aesthetic and attractive
  • – Well balanced & easy on the eye
  • – Intuitive user experience

Feature rich

  • – Plenty of options
  • – Customizable as per the User
  • – Everything you can think of and more

Outstanding Five-Star Support

Huge resource pool, 24 hour support option, highly experienced staff and treat each project as if it were our own.


Online Services
Onsite Services


Responsive design is need of any website today and we take care of user interface to engage more users to website or app. inMenu is a clean and modern design and adapted for a responsive design.


There are many rich features available our inMenu restaurant management software that you can use to highly customize your Solution.


To grow your business with competitive market isn’t easy and thus, our analysis tools provide you better information of your customer’s requirements. inMenu provides plenty of analytic capability to pinpoint all aspects of your business..


Having experienced and skilled technical team we are available for 24/7 technical support. inMenu provides a 5-star support to all clients that join our solution and in essence our business.


inMenu is suitable for any wide variety of Restaurants, from the Mom and Pops to Multinational Franchises. Our solutions are inexpensive though very beneficial to your business.


inMenu features plenty of options for customization in the admin that are easy to use and manage. As we know our different clients have different needs.


We’ve maximum resources to use updated trends of technology in your system which will turn into increasing your restaurant’s revenue at the end.


We know that it might not possible for our clients to adjust the conversation schedule sometime. Hence, once you join the inMenu group, even our support is customizable.

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