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Website Design

With the latest designs and out of the box conceptual thinking, our solution is state of the art. Clean and fitted to the ambience of your restaurant. We’ll work with you to ensure we exceed your expectations when it comes to showcasing your business online.

Mobile Site

So many devices, so many screen sizes, so many browsers. We’ll ensure your site looks and works to its optimal performance on all your desired screens.

Online Ordering

Seems everywhere you look, companies are trying to make the customer experience as simple as possible. Our Solution provides just that and the best thing is its customized to your needs.

Table Reservations

There’s no need to call ahead in today’s age. Your users can find out themselves and stay updated through the site as well as via text messages.

Event Reservations

Its time to get your business to the next level. Whether it is a Small Party or a Wedding; whether it be Free or requiring a Payment, we’ve got the solution.

Hosting & Security

Let us handle your site’s real estate and safety of your online business. We have round the clock service and support at surprisingly affordable rates.